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Another newly proclaimed World Heritage Site for South Africa! A wide variety of resorts offer excellent accommodation in the spectacular Drakensberg and they are on offer by Aloe Tours for relaxation or hiking. Trout fishing can be arranged. Hikes vary from easy to strenuous. In certain areas short hikes can be arranged to see the Bushman paintings.


In South Africa, KwaZulu Natal has witnessed many major military conflicts in it’s relatively short history. British, Boer and Zulu have all taken up arms against one another in some of the world’s most bloody battles. Aloe Tours will conduct or arrange tours in any format or special interest specifically to meet your needs.

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Midlands Meander:

Close to Durban and Pietermaritzburg is the Midlands Meander, a very popular arts and crafts route through the beautiful KwaZulu Natal Midlands where African artefacts, curios and other mementoes may be purchased. You might like to visit a traditional Zulu Village, where Zulu dancing and customs can be seen.

Sani Pass:

Restricted to 4x4 vehicles, this impressive pass between South Africa and Lesotho is not for the faint hearted. You may have lunch at the top of the pass in the highest pub in Africa. Passports are essential.

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